Our vineyards

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Our cultivation techniques

The vineyards are left grassy during the hot season and the rainfall patterns of the place are respected

We are attentive to the natural environments surrounding our structure, woods, country hedges and green areas in order to preserve biodiversity

The phytosanitary defense of crops is carried out through a limited number of treatments and for the majority of interventions the use of biological active ingredients is exclusively used. The company does not use synthetic insecticides, herbicides or fertilizers

Most cultivation operations are still carried out manually and mechanization is carried out only between the rows of each vineyard

Fertilization occurs by planting organic fertilizers before the period of vegetative rest

Donna Elvira

Irpinia, Campania, Italy

In 2013, after several years of preparing and resting the land, the first company vineyard was planted, right in the Grottoni area.

The choice of land in the municipalities of Montemiletto, Montefusco, Lapio and Santa Paolina, purchased and converted to the cultivation of vines, year after year, is the result of careful analysis and research to choose the most suitable soils for producing superior quality wines.

The vineyards, overlooking the gentle and sunny hills of Irpinia, overlook the surrounding valley, giving the impression of having arrived in places where time seems to stop!


Each vine has peculiar characteristics that give the wine typical organoleptic properties.

The climate of the area is ideal for producing quality wines, but it is above all the fertility of the soil and the cultivation operations that guarantee the best results.

Today, the Fink family owns a property of 15 hectares of which 10 are dedicated to the cultivation of vines, deeply believing in the natural vocation of this land and its native vines, with the intention of giving substance to that profound connection with their origins.


Our Vineyards