"Donna Elvira brings the culture of excellence all over the world, through quality wines and natural products made in Irpinia"

Donna Elvira

Innovative Winemaking

Donna Elvira is born from our passion for wine products and the love for Irpinia, a land worldwide known for its great local vine varieties. Lying between the Partenio National Park and the fruitful Caudina Valley, Donna Elvira produces and exports worldwide exceptional local wines.

Donna Elvira Winery nasce dalla volontà della famiglia Fink di interpretare la bellezza del territorio Irpino. Il progetto è articolato, avvincente e straordinariamente semplice: qualità senza compromessi. Declinare la straordinaria complessità del territorio, l’unicità del clima in una produzione enologica che deve essere originale, orgogliosamente tipica ed elegante.

Dedicated to the pursuit of exceptional wines


Our Wines

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Donna Elvira


Sustainability is the fundamental pillar of the Donna Elvira Estate. We have been active members of the Integrated Production System since 2016.


In 2020, the quality of the production and processing of the grapes in our vineyards was recognised, and we were awarded the SQNPI certification – National Quality System for Integrated Production – from the Agroqualità SPA certification body.


Integrated production means that we only use food production systems that encompass all methods and means of production and defense against the adversities of agricultural production, aimed at minimizing the use of synthetic chemicals and rationalizing fertilization, in compliance with ecological, economic and toxicological principles.


The phytosanitary defense of crops is carried out via a limited number of treatments, and for most of the interventions solely the use of biological active ingredients are employed. The company does not use insecticides, herbicides or any synthetic fertilisers.


Most of the cultivation operations are still carried out manually and mechanization is carried out only between the rows of each vineyard. Fertilisation takes place by burying organic fertilisers before the vegetative rest period.


The care we take in the production of high-quality grapes and subsequently for the vinification and aging of the wines is nothing short of obsessive.

Love & Respect
for nature from generation to generation

Antonio Fink

Antonio Fink


Although a regular visitor, after 30 years of toil, Antonio (Tony) returned to his family’s roots determined to share his success with the small ‘Irpinian’ boyhood home in Montemiletto.


With the help of his family and friends, he set about locating a vineyard from which to produce some of Italy’s most revered wines and olives with the help of his extended family and friends.

Donna Elvira

Award Winning

Winners of the London Wine Competition 2021 for our Settemazze, Fringilla and Aegidius wines.


Our Vineyards

Grown at our original Montemiletto vineyard in Irpinia, Campania, this wine was historically the favoured wine of the Roman empire.

Donna Elvria