“La storia dell'umanità è un continuo realizzarsi degli ideali umani, e questo è il progresso”


Francesco De Sanctis

Donna Elvira

Famiglia Fink

We like to think that Donna Elvira is like our diary, where every day we can see our story and that of our family.

In our wines, we tell the tales of journeys far from our own land, nostalgia, love, hard work, return, and many ideals.

Ci piace pensare che Donna Elvira sia come il nostro diario, dove ogni giorno possiamo vedere la nostra storia e quella nostra famiglia.

Nei nostri vini, raccontiamo i viaggi lontano dalla propria terra, la nostalgia, l’amore, il duro lavoro, il ritorno e tanti ideali. 

We have been active members of the Integrated Production System since 2016. In 2020, the quality of our grape production and transformation in our vineyards was recognized, obtaining the SQNPI certification - National Quality System for Integrated Production - from the certifying body Agroqualità SPA.

The highly vocational nature of the territory in which our vineyards are located is our starting point, but achieving quality wines is only possible through high-intensity labor methods of which we are very proud, and we must highlight it in each of our wines.


Our Wines

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We believe in research

We participe in the SCAE Project – Smart and Connected Agrifood Ecosystem, funded by the Ministry of Economic Development, for the implementation of an IT platform capable of digitalizing the agri-food supply chain, with particular reference to the wine sector. The research and development activities involved the collaboration of wineries and partners located in Campania, Calabria, and Sicily.


We are a partner in the project “Identification of a procedure for optimized water resource management in vineyards,” in collaboration with the National Research Council Agritech, European Union Next-GenerationEU, funded by the NATIONAL RECOVERY AND RESILIENCE PLAN (PNRR) – MISSION COMPONENT 4.2, INVESTMENT 1.4 – DD 1032 dated 17/06/2022, CN00000022.


The project aims to optimize the use of water resources in viticulture through a multidisciplinary and sustainable approach. The objective of the project is to identify a model that predicts optimal irrigation timing and volumes, allowing for the production of grapes with desired quality characteristics according to the winery’s project.

Love & Respect
for nature from generation to generation

Antonio Fink

Donna elvira

Our cultivation techniques

We believe that the ancient practices that have been passed down to us can be transferred and adapted to modern agriculture and new technologies, which are applied without exploiting the natural systems from which we derive our resources.



Our Vineyards

The Donna Elvira project began in 2010 when Tony purchased the first plots of land in Montemiletto, in the Grottoni area, where the winery is also located, on the valley that embraces the Calore River, at an altitude of 440 meters.

Donna Elvria