Our pride


When the Fink family looked out onto the bottom for the first time in Grottoni, they were fascinated and enchanted by the natural landscape that could be admired. The breathtaking view, the boundless spaces, the expanses of grass, the sun’s rays that created plays of light between the rows of vines, gave the impression of being in a fertile and heavenly place, ideal for the production of the “nectar of gods “. So, starting from 2010, the Fink family, eager to enhance such a fascinating place and to pass on the practices and traditions of this territory, decided to buy several parcels of land to create a large estate. The amalgamation of the different lots, however, was not so simple, due to the high fragmentation due to the hereditary divisions that characterize Southern Italy.


To date, the fund, wholly owned by the Finks, covers approximately 60,000 m².

In 2014, after several years of preparation and rest of the land, the first company vineyard was created. The municipality of Montemiletto (AV) falls within the production area of ​​Taurasi D.O.C.G., the first wine from Central and Southern Italy to boast the controlled and guaranteed designation of origin (1993). For this reason, together with the pedological characteristics, exposure and location, the Aglianico variety was chosen, thus creating a vineyard with an area of ​​8,000 m². The planting layout chosen was 2.40 meters x 1.00 meters, with an investment of about 3,000 vines, while the branched spurred cordon was the chosen training system. The yield is 40 quintals of grapes, destined for the production of Taurasi D.O.C.G


Subsequently, in 2015, a second vineyard of Aglianico was planted, for a total area of ​​5,000 m², with a planting layout of 2.40 meters x 1.00 meter and with a branched guyot training system. The yield is 40 quintals of grapes, all destined for the production of pure Aglianico rosé, Kaysara D.O.C. Irpinia Rosato.


Finally, in 2016, considering the high demand for Falanghina wine on national and international markets, and having available land that is very suitable for growing certain varieties, the Fink family decided to invest 20,000 m² of land, planting Falanghina. The sixth of the plant adopted is equal to 2.40 meters x 1.20 meters. The training system is the branched guyot. The yield is 80 quintals per hectare and the grapes are destined for the production of Falanghina in purity, Fringilla D.O.C. Irpinia Falanghina. Starting from the 2020 harvest, part of the grapes will be sparkling, in order to obtain a superior quality Falanghina sparkling wine.


Since 2020 all the cultivated vineyards have obtained the mention “Grottoni” vineyard from the Campania Region.

Vigna Grottoni

Quando la famiglia Fink si affacciò per la prima volta sul fondo di Grottoni 2010, rimase affascinata e incantata dal paesaggio naturale che si poteva ammirare. Il panorama mozzafiato, gli spazi sconfinati, le distese d’erba, i raggi del sole che creavano giochi di luce tra i filari, davano l’impressione di trovarsi in un luogo fertile e paradisiaco, ideale per la produzione del “nettare degli dèi”.  


Le uve prodotte in questa vigna sono destinate alla vinificazione alla produzione dell’Aglianico rosato in purezza, Kaysara DOC Irpinia Rosato e alla produzione della Falanghina in purezza, Fringilla DOC Irpinia Falanghina. A partire dalla vendemmia 2020, parte delle uve verranno spumantizzate, al fine di ottenere uno spumante Falanghina di qualità superiore.

Dal 2020 tutti i vigneti coltivati ​​hanno ottenuto la menzione vigna “Grottoni” della Regione Campania.


Caratteristiche del vigneto

  • Altitudine: 400 mt slm
  • Lat/Log.: 41°01’00” Nord – 14°55’24” Est
  • Esposizione: Est-ovest
  • Terreno: Argilloso