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Our family

Donna Elvira was my mother, a woman from other times, with a strong character and deeply linked to her history and her land. My father was Austrian, a reserved man of few words. He taught me the meaning of respect and work. They met in the UK in the 1950s, where my mother moved, leaving her Irpinia.
There, they married and spent the next thirty years working hard and saving money. In the United Kingdom, my brother and I were born, but my mother passed on to us her roots, her history and the great desire to return home. So, at the beginning of the 80s, my mother’s wish came true, we returned to Italy, to her town, to Montemiletto, among the hills of Irpinia, to dedicate ourselves to a simple and slower pace of life, where the sun shines 250 days a year. At that time I was twenty and my brother was fifteen.
Here, in 1988 I married my Kay, a beautiful English girl who moved to my land for love; here, our children Sara and Turi were born. The years of our youth were difficult, we overcame many difficulties, but today, our children have grown up, they have the same passion for their mother’s land, which is also their land, and together, since 2010, we have been carrying forward the project by Donna Elvira, where our roots are planted in the future.
Tony Fink

Meet the

Winemaking Team

We have a great team who is enthusiastic and passionate about winemaking

Meet our

General Manager

Mirco Colella is an agronomist consultant, graduated in Agricultural Sciences and Technologies with Ecological-Environmental specialization at the University of Naples Federico II. He contributed significantly to the birth of Tenuta Donna Elvira. Thanks to the experience gained in his professional activity for various wine companies in the Campania region, he directed and advised the Fink family on investments and commercial options.


A specialist who brought desire and determination to every stage of the company’s formation, from the identification of sites suited to quality viticulture in the different production areas of DOC and DOCG wines, to the choice of varieties to plant, from the preparation of the land, to the management, organization and training of the Donna Elvira Team.


A key member of our Donna Elvira family, whose work cannot be easily defined. Since 2018 he has collaborated on the conception, branding and design of the Donna Elvira winery, of which he is now General Director.


In addition to his intense passion and dedication for the work he carries out, Mirco Colella has always been involved on the social front: he has participated in various volunteering activities both in Italy and abroad, specifically in Romania, Sri Lanka and India.

Mirco Colella laureato in Scienze e Tecnologie Agrarie con indirizzo Ecologico-Ambientale, presso l’Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II, ha contribuito in maniera determinante alla nascita della Tenuta Donna Elvira. Grazie all’esperienza maturata nell’attività professionale come consulente agronomo di diverse aziende vitivinicole della Regione Campania, ha indirizzato la famiglia Fink nelle scelte aziendali e negli investimenti da realizzare.


Uno specialista che si è occupato con desiderio e determinazione di ogni fase della formazione dell’azienda, dall’ individuare i siti vocati alla viticoltura di qualità nei diversi areali di produzione dei vini DOC e DOCG, alla scelta delle varietà da impiantare, dalla preparazione dei terreni, alla gestione degli impianti e all’organizzazione e formazione del Team Donna Elvira. Una figura molto trasversale quindi, il cui lavoro non è possibile racchiudere così facilmente in una sola e unica definizione. A partire dal 2018 ha collaborato all’ ideazione e progettazione della cantina Donna Elvira, della quale oggi è direttore generale.


Oltre all’ intensa passione e dedizione per il lavoro che svolge, Mirco Colella è da sempre impegnato sul fronte sociale: ha partecipato a diverse attività di volontariato sia in Italia che che all’estero (Romania, Sri Lanka, India, ecc.).

Meet our


Arturo Erbaggio is a professional winemaker.

He is passionate about wine and winemaking processes, with a passion for plant physiology, ecology, sociology, technology, sport, music and hedonism.


Active in the field of research and experimentation in viticulture and oenology thanks to collaborations with research institutes and universities for the development of projects on the topic of sustainability, the environmental impact of corporate production systems and the effects of water scarcity and climate change on vegetative system – productive performance of the vines and on the quality of the wines, in Campania first and foremost.


Arturo collaborates with local wineries and wine producers as an agronomic consultant and oenologist with the task of helping define business strategies and maintain the integration of production activities in rural areas, while ensuring that the brand is kept technologically responsive.


He is skilled in managing and motivating different work groups to pursue their vision in the realization of wine projects.

Arturo boasts my knowledge of raw materials, winemaking processes and companies operating in the wine sector. His excellent interpersonal skills make him always ready to establish cooperative methods and relationships to pursue the set objectives.

Meet our

Cellar Man

Michele Di Palma, born in 1998, sensible and enterprising. Graduated from the “De Santis” Agricultural Technical Institute of Avellino – Technological Sector – Agriculture, Food and Agro-industry, he began as a young student to “trample” the tree crops typical of the inland areas of southern Italy (vineyards and olive groves). 


Expert pruner, he has gradually improved his technique of pruning the vine, thanks to the study of modern techniques disseminated in recent years.

The experience in the field and the support of the Donna Elvira group allowed him to perfect his skills and qualify his competencies.


His greatest passion is the winery! Attentive, reliable, and meticulous. It manages, with extreme naturalness, the different phases of the winery following with extreme attention the indications of the winery’s enologist.


Fundamental resource in the Donna Elvira winery.

Meet our

Expert Pruner

Gennaro La Torella, a young tireless guy!


He graduated from the Technical Economic Institute “Luigi Amabile”, since he was a boy, he collaborated in the family farm.


Now, he is an expert pruner of olive trees, despite being very young, he worked with several wineries in Irpinia region, dealing with the mechanical management of vineyards and manual operations.


For some years, he has an active role in Donna Elvira team thanks to which it has refined the different agronomic practices and incorporated the modern techniques of pruning the vine.


Responsible, tireless and meticulous. He manages, with extreme simplicity, the different phases of the annual cycle of the vine.


Precious resource for Donna Elvira winery.

We believe that the key to successful winemaking is teamwork, and we have assembled a team with unmatched experience and passion.