Behind the bottle - Two brilliant varieties for white wine drinkers

Donna Elvira Aegidius

If you’re a wine drinker who never strays too far from a Pinot Grigio or a Sauvignon Blanc you may be depriving your palate. There’s a whole vineyard of underrated grape varieties out there to enjoy.


According to research, the preferred wine of UK drinkers is a dry white – putting your Pinot Grigio and Sauvignon Blancs at the top of the list. Stocked in every supermarket, restaurant and bar, it’s familiar and risk-free.


However, as Tony Fink, owner and producer of Donna Elvira wines will tell you, stepping out of your wine comfort zone will open your eyes to new grape varieties and chances are, you’ll never look back.

“People who are used to drinking Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, or Sauvignon Blanc, yes they’re good wines, no doubt, but why don’t you try something else? Something different with a fantastic flavour… that’s refreshing and full of history…people need to try it.”

Have we tempted you?

Greco di Tufo

This historical grape was imported from Greece over 2000 years ago and has grown in the Campania region ever since. It thrives in a climate with hot days and cool evenings, something which the Campania region is known for.


Irpinia, where Tony’s Vineyard is based, is nestled in the Apennines mountain range, so not only does the Greco grapes benefit from the winds coming off the mediterranean sea but they also enjoy the altitude which slows down the ripening of the grape. A very famous volcano also lent a helping hand too, which Tony explains.

“I’ve asked a few people why it’s so good here and the explanation I’ve been given is quite simple. When Versuivus erupted, the wind was blowing this way, so the volcanic soil…which came out of the vesuvius explosion in 79 AD, it all blew here to Irpinia, to these hills. It created a clay-rich, mineral soil which was perfect to grow this Greco grape.”

Due to the perfect climate and unique soil, the Greco grape doesn’t grow anywhere else in the world quite like it does in the Campania region. The result of this ‘sweet spot’ is lots of zesty fruit and citrus flavours and a very special wine.


The Falanghina grape has an abundance of history behind it too. In fact, it was the Romans’ favourite wine and was adored by Pompeii residents. It was most likely brought to Italy by Greek settlers and grows exclusively to the Campania region, where it thrives in that previously mentioned, wonderful soil.


A real mouthful of pleasure, smooth with lovely ripe summer fruits and a touch of flowers and herbs. Perfect with summer foods, or just on its own it’s a real palate pleaser.


With its abundance of flavour featuring lovely ripe summer fruits and a touch of flowers and herbs, Falanghina wine has often been overshadowed by other white wine grapes that have achieved more global recognition. However, Tony is certain that Falanghina will soon have it’s time to shine.

“It’s going to one of those white wines that, with time, people will really appreciate.”

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