A Grand Tour of the Campania Region and its wines - Vesuvius

A Grand Tour of the Campania Region and its wines - Vesuvius

The family behind Donna Elvira have a long-standing love affair with the Campania region of Italy. Donna Elvira was the name of owner and producer Tony Fink’s mother, who was a native of the region and Tony and his family now enjoy travelling between the UK and Campania, throughout the year. They pour their love of the land into every bottle of Donna Elvira wine and are passionate about sharing the fruits of this wonderful place with their UK-based friends. 


Mount Vesuvius really needs no introduction. As the destroyer of Pompeii in 79AD, it earned its place in the history books. During the eruption, deadly gases, molten rock and hot ash rained down upon the then Roman cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum. 1,500 residents of the towns buried in the ash have since been excavated, but the true number of those who died in the eruption is unknown. 


Today, Vesuvius towers over the city of Naples and dominates the coastal landscape in the Campania Region. The volcano is still active and is now a vibrant national park, bustling with tourists who come to enjoy the incredible views and the opportunity to explore such a unique natural wonder. Due to the diverse environment on the mountain, it’s home to an abundance of wildlife, such as rare plants, mammals and birds, that are now protected by the national park. 


Perhaps the most interesting fact for wine-lovers is that Mount Vesuvius is also home to a number of vineyards, which thrive on the slopes’ mineral rich soil. Many visitors combine a visit to the national park with a visit to a vineyard, where they can try wine made from grape varieties such as Piedirosso, Aglianico, Olivella. There’s something quite poignant about the thought of drinking wine which came from the soil of one of the world’s most famous volcanoes.


Crops that form the basis of some of the Campania Region’s most delicious dishes, also grow in the volcanic soil around Mount Vesuvius. For example, San Marzano Tomatoes, one of only a couple of varieties used in authentic Neapolitan Pizza, thrive here. Due to the soil, generously and naturally enhanced with potassium and phosphorus, this sweet and full flavoured tomato variety is favoured by chefs and home-cooks alike, all over the world.


Although it isn’t a variety of grape known to grow on the slopes of Vesuvius, when we think of this area of Campania, Greco di Tufo comes to mind. ‘Tufo’ means tuff – which is the rock formed by volcanic ash, which is homage to the fact that much of the Campania region enjoys the same mineral-infused soil, due to the big eruption.


Donna Elvira’s very own Greco di Tufo wine carries a light mineral aroma, with light acidic hints of citrus, pear and peach. It’s perfect consumed alone as an aperitif or starter and is fantastic with all seafoods, shellfish and crustaceans, risottos, white meats and cheeses (specifically soft), it also compliments salads and vegetable dishes. You can try it for yourself by visiting our online shop.

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